Raspberry Shake Manual#

Welcome to the documentation page for the Raspberry Shake product line, including our personal seismographs like the RS1D, RS3D, and RS4D, infrasound units like the RBOOM, hybrids like the RS&BOOM, and universal digitizers like the RJAM. You don´t own a Raspberry Shake yet? Click here to get yours now!

This is an online tutorial to help you get your Raspberry Shake product up and running. Setup and installation are easy, mostly “plug-and-go”.

Questions? Visit the Raspberry Shake Technical Support Forum.

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Quick Start Guide#

For a fast and easy way to make all Raspberry Shakes including the RS1D, RS3D, RS4D, RJAM, RBOOM and RS&BOOM, see:


default username: myshake; default password: shakeme


For quick solutions to common queries (Installation, Hardware, Software), please refer to this manual page:

More topics#

GO ahead, dig into the details and discover more!

Power User Topics#

Even more topics for power users and Do It Yourselfers.

See also: our Do It Yourself webpage and Developer’s corner.