Teacher’s guide and tools for the classroom

Some things in this section might also be of interest to hobbyists, though the focus is on teachers. Teachers- much of the rest of the manual, especially How to visualize the waveforms & Beginner’s guide to reading seismograms will also be of interest to you.

See also What’s inside a geophone?


Seismology: Innovations in Practical work this is a STEM booklet with a nice background science summary

How to teach natural hazards in school


Raspberry Shake is Node-RED compatible. Plot real-time waveforms and more in the classroom!

Example “Flows”

Websites resources

IRIS Education and Public Outreach: We especially like IRIS’s “Teachable Moments” and they have stellar Twitter and and youTube accounts. See also: the IRIS Curriculum and this video that summarizes the teaching resources available.

Introductory Earth and Earthquake-science lectures/ videos

eduseismo.org (mostly in French)

Professor Braile’s website

Some University-level resources from IRIS

BGS: Discovering Geological Hazards

Some general Earth Science classroom activities (user contributed). Includes translations into 12+ different languages.