Beginner’s guide to reading seismograms#

Posters and Manuals#

Seismic Signatures (IRIS). Original link here.

Exploring the Earth Using Seismology Poster (IRIS)

Some other IRIS educational tools: IRIS Education Home Page

For even more goodies, follow @IRIS_EPO on Twitter and youTube.

Seismogram Analysis Training Outline (PNSN)

P-S Wave Travel Time Chart

An Illustrated Guide to Reading a Seismogram (USGS)

Everything you need to know about seismology can be found in this Manual!:


jAmaSeis is a seismology teaching aid developed by IRIS’s Seismographs in Schools program. It is widely used by science educators worldwide.

For full details on using jamaseis see here: jAmaSeis Installation Guide

Some great youTube videos#

Seismogram Analysis by Michael Sammartano:

How to Determine Richter Magnitude by Michael Sammartano:

EarthQuake Epicenter Triangulation by Michael Sammartano:

The anatomy of seismograms:

Even more resources#

THIS IS REALLY FANTASTIC!: Understanding P and S wave propogration through Earth.

Understand Shadow Zones.