Discovery IP#

The “Discovery IP” is a permanent IP that is used to establish a direct connection to the Raspberry Shake from your computer via an Ethernet cable. This type of direct connection might be necessary if, for example, you assigned a static IP to your Raspberry Shake and either forgot the IP or moved your Raspberry Shake to a new network where the old static IP no longer works. This is not a method for discovering your IP when the Raspberry Shake is connected to a router. Instructions are given below for Linux users.

The Discovery IP is 169.254.x.x

To connect via the Discovery IP (e.g., Ubuntu), configure your laptop or desktop computer with an IP in the same range as the discovery IP, e.g.,

$ sudo ifconfig <local Ethernet interface here, e.g. eth0> up

Next, run an Ethernet cable from your computer to the Raspberry Shake.

You should now be able to ping your Raspberry Shake on dns-hostname rs.local. Once the Raspberry Shake is responding to ping, you will be able to enter via ssh and run ifconfig to determine the Static IP:

$ ssh myshake@rs.local
$ ifconfig

Additional information: Static IP