How to access your Raspberry Shake’s computer via ssh#

Over the network#

Open a terminal and ssh into the Raspberry Shake (on port 22, which is the default ssh port)

$ ssh myshake@rs.local

You will be prompted for the password, please type it and hit <ENTER>. Default ssh-password: shakeme. You should change this!: See Ready, Set, Get Hacked! Security and Raspberry Shake.

If you are a Windows user, you would use PuTTY for this step.

Over the network, remotely#

See: How to connect to Raspberry Shake remotely

Direct connections#

Where a “direct” connection is done by running an Ethernet cable from the Raspberry Shake to your laptop.

First, connect directly from your laptop to the Raspberry Shake using an Ethernet cable. Configure your laptop’s network IP to be in the same IP range as the raspberry shake’s Discovery IP. For example (all example commands in this section given for Debian),

$ sudo ifconfig eth0 up

Then, to make sure that you can see the Raspberry Shake, ping it. For example,

$ ping rs.local

Second, ssh into the raspberry shake. For example,

$ ssh myshake@rs.local

Default ssh password here: Ready, Set, Get Hacked! Security and Raspberry Shake

Linux users, if you notice that you lose ping or ssh connection, it might be useful to shut off DHCP. For example,

$ sudo systemctl stop dhcpcd.service
$ sudo ifconfig eth0 up