Change log

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Versioning is reported at /opt/settings/sys/ver.X. In ver.3 and onward, versioning is included at the raspberryshake.local:5000 landing page.


How automatic updates work: In order to avoid overwhelming the update server, normal non-mission critical updates are randomly staggered throughout the week. Each Shake will request an update from the server at its own, unique time. Updates will happen in the background and will not affect data flow. When the update process has finished, the unit will be rebooted as part of the update procedure.


Release date: February 7th, 2017

  1. Web front-end: now displays system version on home page
  2. Web front-end: ‘Save and Restart’ button issues a reboot fixing a bug that was introduced in ver.2
  3. Data Producer: Fix bug that could cause start-up issues reading serial port
  4. Data Producer: Fix bug that could cause start-up issues setting NTP timing
  5. Data Consumer: Fix bug that could cause OWS start-up failure in rare cases
  6. Some under the hood changes meant to ensure a smooth user experience
  7. House cleaning



This and all future updates are automatic updates and do not require you to do anything! Within a week’s time, your Raspberry Shake will automatically update.

Release date: January 25th, 2016

  1. Web front-end now works with Model B, Model B+, 2 Model B, Zero and 3 Model B. For more details on supported Raspberry Pi models see: RPi’s supported
  2. Web front-end look and feel updated
  3. Many under the hood changes meant to ensure a smooth user experience
  4. House cleaning



This is a manual update and requires you to do something!- click Special Case: Upgrade ver.1 never to be seen or heard from again! for more details. All future updates will be automatic.

Release date: December 8th, 2016

  1. boot script will always successfully complete, no matter how long it takes for the network to come up
  2. some services reconfigured to guarantee proper start-up
  3. pre-configured Swarm download from the web configuration Actions section will now work
  4. AP shut off (this was causing a regular one minute data spike in some shakes). This will be turned on in a future update when we implement the AP mode properly in the web interface but will be shut off any time the unit’s eth0 interface is up and running
  5. local software update script fixed
  6. version control: updated from 0 to 1


Release date: November, 2016

  • initial release


Raspberry Shake - V5

Release date: February, 2017

  • some fine tuning including:
    • stability of hyperdamper amplifier enhanced
    • circuit susceptability to external RF interference slightly decreased
  • Note that V5 and V4 have the same instrument response

Raspberry Shake - V4

Release date: November, 2016

  • initial release for mass production

Raspberry Shake - Versions pre-V4

Release date: Early to mid 2016

  • initial prototypes for in-house use only