Special Case: Upgrade ver.1 never to be seen or heard from again!#


This applies only to units shipped in 2016

Raspberry Shake was designed to update automatically. And it worked, really! But then, at the last minute, we pushed a change to the update script that BROKE it. We are blaming it on sleep deprevation. We will be available for a public stoning … after you help us fix this. But don’t worry. The fix is easy and we have crafted a solution that works for Linux, MAC and Windows users.


This is why you should run this update:

  1. Your Raspberry Shake will not be able to benefit from all of the great new features and enhancements we have queued up without this fix!

  2. Your Raspberry Shake will not work reliably without it.

  3. For more technical details, see the Change log.

Some fast, easy steps#

You have two options for updating your Raspberry Shake:

(Option 1) Update your Raspberry Shake by executing a small program we wrote for you to work on Linux, MAC or Windows.


This script must be run remotely from your laptop/ computer and NOT from the Raspberry Shake itself.

Things you need to know ahead of time:

  1. IP address of the Raspberry Shake(s) you wish to update

  2. Password of “myshake” user. Default password is “shakeme”

Linux/ MAC user install instructions:

  1. Click here to download the update for Linux/ MAC.

  2. If you have never ssh-ed into your Raspberry Shake, you will have to do this first in order to avoid and authentication error later on when running the rsh-upg1-installer.sh script. See Ready, Set, Get Hacked! Security and Raspberry Shake for ssh and password details.

  3. Open a terminal/ command window (bash) on your laptop or computer and follow these steps:

    $ cd <path containing rsh-upg-ver1.tar>
    $ tar -xvf rsh-upg-ver1.tar
    $ cd rsh-upg-ver1/
    $ ./rsh-upg1-installer.sh
  4. then follow the prompts.


Windows user install instructions:

  1. Windows users must download and install WINscp application,

  • first download choice “Installation package”

  • Select “Custom upgrade or new installation”

  • On screen “Select Additional Tasks”, check last option “Add installation directory to search path”

  • Install

  1. Once you have WINscp installed, click here to Download the update for Windows and unzip to any directory.

  2. Now use the graphical WINscp program to log into the Raspberry Shake for the first time and accept the signature as being authentic. Then leave. Make sure that the “Port Number” is set to 22 and the “File Protocol” is set to SFTP. Once this is done, you will have established a way for Windows to transfer files to your Raspberry Shake.

  3. Then, using windows explorer: navigate to the directory rsh-upg-ver1-win

  4. Click on rsh-upg1-installer-win.bat

  5. Then follow the prompts.


(Option 2) Click here to download and burn the new image to your SD card. See also: microSD card topics.

And that is it. Easy and simple.

How do I know the update worked?#

Easy, you should now be able to download Swarm from rs.local/ >> Actions tab

Thank you#

We appreciate your time and we apologize for this inconvenience.

Thank you for your continued support! And don’t worry, once you apply this patch, all future updates will happen automatically so your Raspberry Shake will always be running the latest and greatest software.

With love for seismology,

The Raspberry Shake Development Team