GPS Antenna#

Some remote applications where Internet access is not possible, will require an external GPS antenna to ensure good timing. This can be purchased at our shop.

The GPS timing solution described here: Case 3: Connecting a GPS module to the computer via USB is not activated by default on the Raspberry Shake. The installation and activation of this feature is automatic but requires that the Raspberry Shake be powered down, the antenna be plugged in, and the unit booted with an Internet connection, in that order.

We recommend, therefore, that the Raspberry Shake be tested with the GPS antenna in the lab prior to taking the unit to the field.

A special thanks to Larry Cochrane of PSN who first implemented the GPS solution on Raspberry Shake in 2017.


If you are using the GPS USB solution, other USB port(s) should remain unused. The reason: The Raspberry Pi is most likely using a common buffer for all USB ports, this is standard. So, to avoid any competition created when reading from more than one port, which can cause the PPS to fluctuate, only the GPS antenna should be connected. If you connect other devices, we cannot guarantee that the timing will remain within the advertised specifications.


Raspberry Shake has only tested the UBLOX7 GR-701 and UBLOX8 GR-801 GNSS Mouse Receivers for the Raspberry Shake. Other devices might work, but are not explicitly supported. UBLOX[7/8] antennas are available for purchase at