FDSN Web Services

Use FDSNWS to access station metadata in FDSN StationXML, StationXML and SC3XML formats; time series data in miniSEED format; and event parameters in QuakeML and SC3XML formats. For full details visit: http://www.fdsn.org/webservices/ and https://www.seiscomp3.org/doc/jakarta/current/apps/fdsnws.html.

IP to use for fdsnws queries: https://fdsnws.raspberryshakedata.com/fdsnws/


The RASPISHAKE data center has been included in the IRIS Federator system. See also: IRIS FDSN Stats and the FDSN AM network page.


fdsnws-event is not currently supported


fdsnws-dataselect example via wget:

$ wget --no-check-certificate "https://fdsnws.raspberryshakedata.com/fdsnws/dataselect/1/query?net=AM&sta=R5661&loc=00&cha=SHZ&start=2017-06-20T20:00:00&end=2017-06-20T20:05:00" -O waveform.mseed


fdsnws-station example via wget:

$ wget --no-check-certificate "https://fdsnws.raspberryshakedata.com/fdsnws/station/1/query?net=AM&level=sta" -O sta.xml

fdsnws-dataselect example via ObsPy:

from obspy.clients.fdsn import Client
from obspy import UTCDateTime
start_1 = "2019-10-01 00:00:00"
starttime = UTCDateTime(start_1)
endtime = starttime + 600       # 600 seconds
client = Client(base_url='https://fdsnws.raspberryshakedata.com/')
waveform = client.get_waveforms('AM', 'R24FA', '00', 'EHZ', starttime, endtime)


If you are just learning how to build fdsnws requests, here is a great tool for building FDSNWS web requests: