The Raspberry Shake Worldwide Seismic NetworkΒΆ

Raspberry Shakes configured to forward their data will send a real-time continuous stream of seismic data to the Raspberry Shake Data Center where an automated seismic processing system (SeisComPro) searches the real-time data stream for earthquakes and uses a network-wide approach to earthquake location. The more Raspberry Shakes in the world, the faster and more accurate the earthquake locations.

In order to give the Raspberry Shake network a boost, we have also integrated in hundreds of publically available seismic stations such as those from the Global Seismic Network.

You can see earthquakes detected by the Raspberry Shake Worldwide Seismic Network at EarthquakeView.

You can view all of the Raspberry Shake stations at StationView. Search for your Raspberry Shake on the station map.


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