How to download your data

From the Raspberry Shake

On the Raspberry Shake, continuous waveform data, as that seen with Swarm, are saved in miniSEED format to:



Each daily miniSEED file is generally about 15 Mb in size, though the files can be bigger or smaller depending on the actual amplitudes recorded which affect the compression.

By default 7 days of continuous data are saved to disk. This is, however, configurable at in the Raspberry Shake’s webpage at http://rs.local/ Settings >> Advanced >> Waveform Data Retention >> Waveform Files Retained for X Days.


Be careful when configuring this parameter! You risk filling up the disk space. If this happens, you will not longer be able to access your Raspberry Shake. By default we ship Raspberry Shakes with an 8 Gb micro SD card. We estimate the that OS and software consume ~3 Gb of disk space, leaving you with ~5 Gb for data. At 15 Mb/ day/ channel, that is ~330 days MAX for the RS1D or RBOOM and much less for the RS3D, RS4D or RS&BOOM.

From the cloud using FDSN Web Services

See FDSN Web Services